• Moviment to redefine the Longevity

    The average life expectancy of the Brazilian, today, is 74 years. The only layer of the population that is growing is of seniors. We want to re-signify a way to handle longevity today, to awaken a positive, collaborative and positive look at the challenges we encounter when we talk about the presence of seniors in society. We believe that Longevity is an asset and we have many opportunities to build together:

    To change the paradigms of how people deal with longevity at all times in life. Reignify the participation of seniors in contemporary society. To connect people and organizations to generate intergenerational work results. ​

  • Work for life

  • Fomentation of Healthy and Positive Attitude

  • Entrepreneurship for Longevity

  • Innovation through Longevity

  • Resolution of social and business challengs

  • Improvement of Education by Seniors

  • LAB60+ in Asia


    We present the LAB60+ in the second B-Corps Asia Forum representing System B and LAB60+


    We participated in two tables at the event with 500 people from these countries: Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia. We integrate with many organizations that deal with active aging and longevity from Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan. We have signed some terms of collaboration for the LAB60+ Movement to help consolidate and accelerate the redefinition of our longevity in these countries. The embassy in Asia is coming, wait for it


    Reinvention of Uni Inversidade in Curitiba!


    The Journey to a personal and career transition in Curitiba in Partnership with SESI. Want to participate and learn more?

    LAB60+ Radio

    Disseminate relevant information to seniors. Get to know:


    Mariam Dimitri, anchor and facilitator of the journey Reinvention of Work UniInversidade talking about her experience as a participant and facilitator of transition processes.

    What is Longevity for you?

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