• Improvement of Education by Seniors


    The powers of seniority to build a world with which we dream.


    Tom Moreira, from FAPPES during a discussion table on the theme of seniors in education during the 2017 Innovation Festival.

  • We create the new professions looking at the individual potential united to the demand of the market.

    Senior Educational Mentor

    Developed in conjunction with the Unite Group, we have identified a unique contribution potential of seniors for college students.

  • The educational mentoring training program is a development initiative of the Collaboration of the Future and the UNITE Group.

    We develop professions of the future for the inclusion of seniors in the construction of solutions in critical business issues and urgencies for the world.

    The Unite Group is a specialized center for education that has been active for more than 15 years in the sustainable uptake of new students to educational institutions.

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