• Entrepreneurship for longevity



    Many people want to continue working after retirement to feel stimulated, fulfilled, useful, connected to other people, and there are a large contingent of people who need to continue working to supplement the insufficient income they receive as retirees. We believe that Entrepreneurship encourages the protagonism of the actions of the seniors in a propositional way and in society, as well as encouraging them to exercise regular social and cognitive skills, intergenerational relationship, deal with technology and the sense of social belonging that favor the well- being and integral health.

  • Social entrepreneurship to bring the benefits of longevity to everyone!

  • We support entrepreneurs to multiply positive impacts on society through consulting and cooperation with partner organizations.

  • We created a distributed laboratory, collaborative of innovations in longevity from a methodology of acceleration in the development and test of solutions for longevity, from this laboratory emerged:


    Created by Teatro do Sopro. Empatilhaças! Is a playful and dialog space for girls of -10 years and women of 50+ years to jointly question the role of women in leadership. The Empatilhaças! they create play cycles to stimulate women of different generations to rethink their roles in society and in their lives.

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