• Innovation for Longevity


    Distributed and collaborative spaces to connect actions and awaken innovative powers.

  • BASE- Cradle of Advice to the Entrepreneur

    Social entrepreneurship to bring the benefits of longevity to everyone

    We support entrepreneurs to multiply positive impacts on society through consulting and cooperation with partner organizations.


    Innovation Festival for Longevity


    Annual meetings to exchange experiences, stay on top of trends in longevity and celebrate life!

    Here we share disruptive contents that stimulate the participant to review their concepts about longevity, provoking the transformation of the individual and the collective.

    Access the section "Festival" and know more.


    LAB60+ DesConferência

    Conference to deconstruct young-centric culture

    Launching platform, innovation and trends. It brings together filmmakers, opinion makers and key partners in the movement.

    Access the "DesConferência" section here on the page and learn more.


    Café ComVida

    A meeting point between people and projects

    If you are looking for more inclusive spaces, to build personal ties, to know initiatives that are redefining longevity and to develop health in an integrated way throughout life. Here is your place!

    Click here to see the monthly calendar of meetings.


    Some Innovation Partners

    We chose to create and establish partnerships with spaces and ecosystems that foster innovation and the construction of more inclusive models for society.

    System B is a global movement that aims to redefine the concept of business success and identify companies that use their market power to solve some social and environmental issues. Created in the United States, the initiative aims to support and certify companies that create products and services aimed at solving socio-environmental problems.


    A global network of impact entrepreneurs. A shared workspace. An innovation laboratory. An incubator of companies. A collaborative center of social entrepreneurs

    Unibes Cultural is a cultural center, which proposes to receive the public with lectures, courses, shows and other various events. Unibes strives to transmute the lives of thousands of families in situations of social fragility with proposals aimed at education, training, health and social inclusion.

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