• The average life expectancy of the Brazilian, today, is 74 years. The only layer of the population that is growing is of seniors. We urgently need to re-signify the way we view aging. Otherwise, the years we have won will be the greatest source of social inequality we have ever seen! In order to do so, we propose to enlarge our look at Longevity, to awaken a positive, collaborative and positive look at identifying the strengths and weaknesses that we have throughout our lives.


    Medicine has become part of it and has extended our lifetime, now we need to engage everyone else who has not yet understood how the longevity revolution will impact their lives and organizations. We need to act in an intergenerational, transdisciplinary and intersectoral way to create new ways of working, studying, living and living so that Longevity is an asset for all. To do so, we must act together. We need to be on the move. That's LAB60 +. Welcome!


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