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    Millions of people over 50 can and/or want to work. Not any work, but with purpose, accomplished and unique contributions that seniority allows. That's what we believe in and you? If you answered YES! Then let's add forces to what we call 60+ Work Reinvention, that is, we create fulfilling job opportunities for seniors, intergenerational work environments, and as a result, innovative and creative solutions to key social challenges and business. We are here, together with organizations and seniors, to do the Reinvention of Work 60+. Our work is developed in two spheres: with companies and with senior promptitude.

  • Seniors in Business Challenge Resolution

  • For People

    Programs Reinvente-se! of Uni Inversidade

    A journey of personal and professional development for you to reinvent yourself as a person and professional

    Do you know you have potential, but you don't have opportunities? Regardless if you want to work, undertake, be volunteer, take the first step and understand all of your potential and skills rearticulating them for who you are today, at 50, 60 or 80 years. We develop the environment to seniors who seek the construction of the second half of personal and professional life. Know more: www.reinvencaodotrabalho.com.br

  • For Companies

    Professions of future

    The powers of seniority to build a world with which we dream

    In partnership with companies and organizations, we co-create innovative work practices that integrate generational diversity! Which value the potential of seniors and with potential results for all. This translates into new professions of the future 60+ capable of bringing unique contributions to solving organizational and social challenges. Do you want to engage your company? Let us know: lab60@lab60mais.com.br

    Desafio 60+

    Companies with a positive social impact in longevity

    DEis an initiative of the LAB60+ Movement, in partnership with System B and B-LAB, which invites companies and organizations to revisit their business practices and organizational policies to broaden our vision of the potential of senior people in solving contemporary challenges (companies and society). www.b60.com.br

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